RAK Wireless


Raveon is a major leader in the Wireless Data Radio Industry. Our executives and divisions have been designing and building data radio modems since 1985.

We make Data Radio Modems for us, and OEMs, and our business partners. Our specialty is Long Range Data Radios that work miles and often up to 50-1200 miles.

We make SCADA products and Autonomous RTUs to work with networks or Cloud servers using Raveon’s long-range data radio modem technology.

The GPS Tracking Radios with internal GPS receivers and TDMA timing track vehicles, aircraft, and soldiers so are used in mines, military bases, races, and cities tracking busses.

Mines, farms, golf courses, cities, states, and organizations send data long range using Raveon Data Radios, and because they own them, there is no data cost or monthly cost like cellular.

Many large F500 Companies have Raveon make custom Data Radios and GPS Tracking versions for their particular systems.

We make Autonomous IoT devices (AIoT) to work on networks or Cloud servers, but they also work great autonomously without necessary connections.

There are many technologies that need to be incorporated together to make a complete end-to-end IoT solution. Raveon utilizes all of these technologies.

All members of the technical support team works in a technical office with a full array of the company’s technical products. These products can be for problem duplication and resolution.

The warehouse and manufacturing operation are continually being updated and fine tuned for maximum efficiencies.